Diary of the XI Conservative Festival: Round Table “Problematic Issues of Customs Clearance of Dual-Use Goods and Military Destinations”

On March 13, 2019, a Round Table was held on the Problematic Issues of Customs Clearance of Dual-use Goods and Military Destinations within the framework of the 11th Consumers’ Festival. Moderator of the round table – Head of the Department of Commodity and Customs Affairs, […]

Diary of the XI Consumers’ Festival: An Open Lecture of Olena Boyko, Director, Managing Partner of the Tourist Operator “TPG”

On March 13, 2019, an open lecture was given by the director, managing partner of the partner of the national tourist operator “Travel Original Group” Boyko Olena Valerievna on the theme of “The Features of the Tour Operator’s Activity on the Organization of Overseas Tourist […]

XVII Championship of KNUTE of the game “What? Where? When? “: KNUTE identified the most intelligent general information

The XVII Championship of KNUTE finished with the game “What? Where? When? “With the participation of the strongest teams of the university, among which were both” veterans “of the intellectual movement, as well as newcomers. However, all participants showed a great desire for victory and […]