Scientific club “Start in Science”


– a modern association of creative students, which operates under the supervision of the moderator of the projects of the SC senior lecture of the department of commodity science, safety and quality management Chikun Nadiya Yuriina and scientific advisor of the department of commodity science, safety and quality management, Ph.D. Pasalskiy Bohdan Kirillovich.



Exercitatio artem parit. Exercise generates skill.


Our priorities:

  • Organization and intensification of the efforts of students of KNTEU to carry out research work, publication of results in conference materials and scientific journals (theses, articles).
  • Preparation and conducting of events with the purpose of deepening and popularization of fundamental knowledge, development of critical thinking; mixed learning “blended learning”.
  • Educational and scientific space “Chemists KNTEU” in social networks.
  • Bilingual education: preparation of English-language publications, English-language events (conferences, trainings, round tables, workshops, discussions, master classes).
  • Professional orientation activities: cooperation with college im.BV. Sukhomlinsky and regional schools.


Perspective plan for 2019-2020


  • Master Class “Express Methods for Food Safety Assessment” September 2019
  • Roundtable in the format of public discussion (English) “Healthy Food & Lifestyle as a trend of 21st century” October 2019
  • Workshop “Science – Business Optimizer in the Modern World” November 2019
  • Action “From KNTEU to school” February 2020
  • Master class: “Express methods of food quality assessment” February 2020
  • International Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Marketing” Section “Food chemistry experiments” March 2020
  • Round Table (English) “Consumption: Safety and Quality” March 2020
  • Scientific Discussion (English) “The new trends in modern consumption” April, 2020
  • Presentation training (English) “Step in Science” May 2020.



Coordinator of the Scientific club “Start in Science” of the Scientific society of students, postgraduates, doctoral students and young scientists

Kaika Elizaveta, student of FTM

Scientific supervisor of the club:
Chykun Nadiia Yuriivna,
senior lecturer of Department of  commodity, safety and quality management

Scientific consultant:
Pasalskii Bohdan Kyrylovych, docend of Department of  commodity, safety and quality management, Ph.D., docent

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