Student Philosophical Club “Phoenix”

In this case, Phoenix is ​​synonymous with the word “prestige” (an allusion to the Harvard Student Club of the same name, which is considered to be the most prestigious in the world). It is aimed at the interest of the students of the department before joining and active work in the club. All students of the faculty and teachers of the department are allowed to work. Approximate scientific supervisor is Professor Morozov A. Yu.


            For student diverse studies. For example, in the course of writing a scientific paper or article, you need to get some sociological data. The “Phoenix” Club will help you to conduct a survey, questionnaire, or other form of study of student youth at the university level. Thus, making the process easier to study, and work – more meaningful.


Bring to the level of the permanent, annual contest “Literary Quest” (its first and second stages).

To bring to the level of the permanent, annual organization the competition “Historical Brein-rin between the Faculties” (in the format “What? Where?”)

Presentation of the FOAIS at the KNUTE Debate Tournament (ie joining the FOAIS RCC’s Scientific Sector for SFK “Phoenix”)

Carrying out:

Round tables on various topics in philosophy, sociology and history;

Open lectures, lectures and discussions from the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and various invited guests, including members of the club.


“We know the past – create the future”:

– within the framework of this project, the organization of historical brain-ring, which was discussed earlier;

– collections on historical themes, attached to memorable dates (aimed at popularization and availability of knowledge of the history of chronology, culture and literature);

-Visible excursions to various prominent and memorable places in Kiev and beyond;

2) “Meetings-discussions” in the format “Judicial meeting: history against …”

3) “Philosophy of Views”

“Meetings-discussions” are speeches that will be held in the form of polemical performances, where the participants, namely the speakers, will present two different views on the problem raised in this case, trying to prove their correctness. So far it sounds not new, it reminds the debate tournament … But this tribe will be in the format of the trial, in which there will be 4 main persons:

– the bailiff and the prosecutor, who prove their right, based on facts;

– Judgment that will make a sentence, thus choosing the winner in the duel;

-criminal person (in this case, this is an abstraction, as the trial will take place around a historic person that has long since passed into eternity);

For example, who was actually Ernesto Che Guevara? The hero-revolutionary or the bureaucrat?

“Philosophy of Views” project mini-lectures. They are devoted to disassembling the views, innovations, life and creative path of outstanding scholars-philosophers. That is, the meaning of the project – to disassemble the philosophy, first by periodization, and this same periodization is disassembled by the most prominent representatives and their works. Briefly, accessible and meaningful, and the main thing is interesting!

The activities carried out

Chairman of club:
Scientific supervisor of the club: Morozov Andrii Yuriyovych, professor of the Departmen of Philosophy an Sociology’s science, Ph.D., professor