Roundtable: “Smart Technologies for Consumer Protection”

A round table discussion took place at the Kyiv Conservatory on the basis of the Kyiv National Trade and Economic University: “Smart technologies for consumer rights protection”.

The urgency of the topic of the round table is determined by the slogan proclaimed by the World Consumer Federation “Consumer International” – “Digital World: SMART-Trusted Products.”

“It is quite symbolic that this roundtable was coinciding with the day when the World Internet Network was 30 years old,” said Pritulskaya Natalia Volodymyrivna, the first vice-rector of the KNUTE, and the president of the Ukrainian Consumer Federation “Pulse”.

The following issues were discussed at the round table:

Ensuring Consumer Rights in the Digital World: New Challenges.
Digitization and consumer risks.
Smart consumer technologies: results of monitoring fiscal checks through the E-registry.
Smart technologies for consumer right to choose.
Examples of violations of consumer rights in e-ticket projects on public transport in the cities of Ukraine.
The experts noted the urgency of the penetration of djitalization into all areas of consumer life and highlighted a number of problems and threats that arise in protecting the rights of consumers in the digital world, namely the preservation of personal data, these trends were noted by Vice-President of WFS “Pulse” Natalia Borodachova and chairman of the Confederation of Unions Consumers (KONFOP) Janin Dmitry.

However, smart technologies can be used as consumer protection tools. Vasylchuk Oleksandr, Head of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection of the Department for Entrepreneurship Development and Regulatory Policy of the MERT, announced the development of the application to the smartphone. The application will be available on iOS and Android, so it will now be possible to fix the violations and send the complaint directly to the state authorities through the application. Testing the application will begin with a violation of the rights when purchasing non-food products, and subsequently spread to food products and services.

The All-Ukrainian Movement “Youth for Consumer Rights” in the person of activist movement Freyuk Olga presented a study of technology that exists on the platform of the State fiscal service of Ukraine for checking fiscal checks. The service is located in the open part of the Electronic cabinet, access to which is carried out in real time (24/7/365) without identification of the person by the link: The tool has a number of shortcomings, but its use to detect “fake” fiscal settlement documents is necessary.

At the round table were present analysts working group at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and members of the working group “Reanimation package of reforms” Panasyuk Andriy and Hetman Oleg, who commented on the idea of ​​creating the tool and the need for its existence.

The researchers also commented on the profile of profile associations:

Araslanova Sofia, Director General of the Association “Ukrainian Importers of Consumer Electronics”;
Sidorova Svetlana, Project Manager, NGO “Life”;
Ivanenko Nataliya, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Toy Industry Association.
Representatives of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Association, represented by Zubchenko Oleg, Deputy Chairman of the Association, together with Alina Goryunova and Derevtsov Sergey, chairman of the fiscal committee and legal support committee, have demonstrated an online map of filling stations that do not issue settlement documents and can be monitored in real time.

The event was attended by representatives of state bodies of legislative and executive power, civil society organizations, entrepreneurship, professional associations, trade networks, etc., in particular:

Valley Anatoly, General Director, member of the corporation “Ukrelectrotrans”, LLC “KS-MECHATRONICS”;
Slipchenko Anastasiya, Head of the State Probation Control Sector of Consumer Protection Departm

ent of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection;
Karpyuk Olga, Head of Communications and Telecommunications Market.
Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine:

Kyrpyuk Dmitry, Director of Legal Issues, NGO “National Interest of Ukraine”;
Nochvay Volodymyr, senior researcher at the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
Shcherbyna Sergiy, Head of Food Security Program;
Garbaruk Igor, international expert, economist.
Thank you for helping our partners with the Ukrainian Business Council (URB) and the participants for an active discussion!