Practical conference “Actual problems of entrepreneurship, trade and marketing”

On March 12-13, 2019, an International Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Marketing” was held on the basis of the Department of Trade and Marketing of KNUTE.

Conference participants were greeted by:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, first prorector on scientific and pedagogical work N.V. Pritulska;
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Trade and Marketing, V.A. Osika.
During the plenary session and at the meetings of 25 sections, 548 reports were heard, including 185 stands.

The conference was attended by:

515 students of the faculty of trade and marketing;
16 students of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Psychology;
2 students of the faculty of restaurant-hotel and tourist business;
10 students from the KNUTE College of Commerce and Economics;
1 student from Munich Technical University, Germany;
1 student from National University of Food Technologies;
1 student from European University, Moldova;
1 student from the International Independent University, Moldova;
1 student from the Belarusian State Transport University;
1 student from the Academy of Business Administration, Poland.
Work in the sections was carried out in the following areas:

Qualimetry of consumer goods
Comparative testing of goods and services
Safety and quality of food
The food market in a globalized environment
Falsification of food products: identification methods and detection methods
Consumer properties of food products
Nutritional Microbiology
Instrumental methods in food analysis (Instrumental methods in food analysis)
Food chemistry experiments (Experiments in Food Chemistry)
Market research
Commodity evaluation of non-food products
Quality and competitiveness of non-food products in the Ukrainian market
Customs examination of goods
Customs procedures during the movement of goods
Commodity-related aspects of the weapon market in Ukraine
Commodity characteristics of vehicles and fuel materials
Packing materials and packaging in Ukraine and in the world
Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges: Modern Transformation Processes in Ukraine
Newest models and tools for organizing trading processes
Effective methods of ensuring the competitive advantages of the enterprise
E-COMMERCE in the era of digital economy
Marketing activity of enterprises
Advertising business in Ukraine
Brand Management
Journalism and advertising: vectors of interaction
During the second plenary session, the winners were awarded.

Diplomas and degrees received 30 participants of the conference.

Diplomas of the II degree – 25 participants.

Diplomas of the ІІІ degree – 25 participants.

Thank you for your participation! We wish you further achievements!