Diary of the XI Consumers’ Festival: An Open Lecture of Olena Boyko, Director, Managing Partner of the Tourist Operator “TPG”

On March 13, 2019, an open lecture was given by the director, managing partner of the partner of the national tourist operator “Travel Original Group” Boyko Olena Valerievna on the theme of “The Features of the Tour Operator’s Activity on the Organization of Overseas Tourist Hotels” at the XI Conservatory Festival “Time to Act!” On the initiative of the Chair of Tourism and Recreation of KNUTE travels “.

The meeting was attended by students of 1-4 courses of specialties 242 “Tourism” and 073 “Management” (specialization “Tourism Management”), head of the Department of Tourism and Recreation, prof. Tkachenko T.I., Deputy Dean for Educational Work, Assoc. Zhuchenko V.G., professors of the department: prof. Roskladka N.O., docent Zabaldina Yu.B.

In his substantive report, the lecturer highlighted a wide range of issues regarding the features of tour operator activities for the organization of overseas tourist trips, for example, the Czech Republic and Malta. Particular attention is paid to aspects of security of travel: financial, in particular, with the independent booking of places in hotels and transport; life and health; ecology, quality and completeness of provision of services in tour packages, compliance with the terms of the agreement between the tourist and travel agency.

Present students and teachers of the Department of Tourism and Recreation expressed their sincere gratitude to Mrs. Olena for a meaningful and useful lecture, wished success in the implementation of tourist projects.