XVII Championship of KNUTE of the game “What? Where? When? “: KNUTE identified the most intelligent general information

The XVII Championship of KNUTE finished with the game “What? Where? When? “With the participation of the strongest teams of the university, among which were both” veterans “of the intellectual movement, as well as newcomers. However, all participants showed a great desire for victory and a high level of erudition.

As always, the assistant professor of the Department of Tourism and Recreation Sergei Khlopyak became the author, editor and host of the tournament, which prompted players to extract from the depths of their subconscious knowledge of economics, geography, history, mathematics, literature, art, and sports, which was unexpected for them. Well, of course, to find out the true team spirit, without which there is no hope to win.

As a result, the prize places and rewards of the championship was held on March 13, 2019 were won:

I place – the team “UV” (team of faculties FOAIS, FRGTB, FMTP and FEMP), consisting of:

Baev Roman (FOAIS, 4 course, 1 group) – Captain
Schweizer Veronica (FRGTB, 3rd year, 8th group)
Lopuga Vladislav (FOAIS, 2nd course, 9th group)
Levadnana Vitalia(FMTP, 3 course, 5 group)
Maslovsky Alexander (FEMP, 1 course, 16th group)
Anatolity Snezhana (FMTP, 2 course, 4 group)

II place – the team “Hands, Scissors and Brains” (FTM) consisting of:

Mishchik Olga (2nd course, 15th group) – Captain
Cisar Elena (1 course, 18th group)
Protsenko Dmitry (1 year, 9 group)
Talco Angelina (2nd year, 16th group)
Bashinskaya Anna (1 year, 1 group)
Bohut Julia (1 course, 9 group)

The third place – the team “Luka Pacioli” (FOAIS) consisting of:

Stetsyuk Evgeniy (2nd year, 2nd group) – Captain
Orlov Alexander (1 course, 2 groups)
Music Artem (1 course, 2 group)
Malayko Lyudmila (1 year, 2 group)
Pacioli Tatiana (1 course, 2 group)
Marchenko Tetiana (2nd course, 2nd group)
All the participating teams received the Thanksgiving from the organizing committee, and the winners – Diplomas, valuable gifts and with them – the right to compete in the final tournament with Brain Ring, which will be held on April 10 with the participation of the teams of separate structural units KNTUU.

Congratulations to the winners and look forward to the following competitions!

The closest is the 2nd stage of the Student League of Kyiv with “What? Where? When? “, on 22 of March.Makr the team and come!We are waiting for you! Applications are accepted at: hlopiak@i.ua (Khlopiak Sergiy Vasiliovich).